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Static files

All files and directories in src/static and content/static will be copied straight into the root of the output build.

This is useful for robots.txt, _redirects, favicon.jpg etc.

See for an example.


The built-in prism.js highlighter is configured for a limited number of languages, and a dark themed stylesheet. The list of languages appears in the comment at the top of /prism.js

Here is an example of a yaml codeblock from /blog/hello-gitkitjs.

title: Hello gitkitjs
author: jldec
  image: images/sunrise-deansgrange.webp
date: 2024-01-14
excerpt: |
  I am pleased to announce the open source release of [gitkitjs](, the npm-installable SvelteKit toolchain for building websites from markdown.

You can download your own prism.js with a different selection of languages, or your own prism.css stylesheet, at

Place the dowloaded prism files in src/static/prism.js or src/static/prism.css.


Restart gitkitjs after adding files to src/static.


You can configure custom fonts by providing your own src/static/fonts.css file. This can either point to externally hosted fonts, or to your own static font files e.g. in a src/static/fonts/... directory.

See Custom Tailwind for more details.

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