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Custom configuration

The src directory holds custom configuration and components as well as static files.

See for an example of a site with a custom components.

Custom Svelte Components

Custom components can replace any of the following component types.

  1. appComponents
    Built-in app components are sections, common to all pages, or used in the landing page.
  • Splash
  • Prose
  • Footer
  • Hero
  • Features
  1. layoutComponents
    Layout components are referenced by name using the layout property in a markdown page. You can replace the following existing layouts, or add your own:
  • PageList
  • Post
  • Posts
  • LandingPage
  • Team
  1. markdownComponents
    Markdown components can be used from within markdown content. Details coming soon.

  2. iconComponents
    Icon components are Svelte components which render svg. You can extend or replace these.

  • AlertCircle
  • AlertOctagon
  • AlertTriangle
  • ArrowLeft
  • GitHub
  • Home
  • Info
  • Lightbulb
  • LinkedIn
  • Menu
  • MessageSquareWarning
  • User
  • UserCheck
  • Users
  • X


To register your custom components with gitkitjs, create src/app.config.ts (or .js) which imports your custom components, and exports them in an AppConfig.

Here is an example from

import Footer from './components/Footer.svelte';
import Neat from './components/Neat.svelte';
import Mono from './components/Mono.svelte';
import Twitter from './components/Twitter.svelte';

const config: App.AppConfig = {
  appComponents: {
  layoutComponents: {
  markdownComponents: {
  iconComponents: {

export default config;
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