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Menu configuration

Links and icons in the main menu are configured in the frontmatter of E.g.

  image: 💥
  text: gitkitjs

  - text: Guide
    href: /guide/quickstart
  - text: Blog
    href: /blog
  - text: GitHub
    icon: GitHub


An icon can be an emoji (like 💥), or the name of an Icon component (like GitHub), or the name of an image file. Instead of a string, an icon can also be a map (object) with an image string value as above, or a literal text value, or both. Literal text is rendered using the logo font.

The map may also have a Tailwind class string value, e.g. to specify width and height of an image:

  image: images/siliconcompiler.webp
  class: w-[304px] h-[83px] object-scale-down

Small screens

Navlinks will be collapsed behind a "hamburger" menu on small screens. To turn this off, set mobilemenu: false.


Nested submenu links will be expanded horizontally under the main menu bar. E.g.

  - href: /chiplets
    text: Chiplets
      icon: CircuitBoard
        - text: EFABRIC
          href: /chiplets/efabric
          icon: Grid
          image: /chiplets/images/efabric-diagram.svg
        - text: CPU
          href: /chiplets/cpu
          icon: Cpu
          image: /chiplets/images/cpu-diagram.svg
        - text: FPGA
          href: /chiplets/fpga
          icon: CircuitBoard
          image: /chiplets/images/fpga-diagram.svg
        - text: AI
          href: /chiplets/ai
          icon: BrainCircuit
          image: /chiplets/images/ai-diagram.svg
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