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Sidebar navigation is configured in sidebars in your frontmatter.

The sidebar will show up for any page whose URL starts with the top level href for the sidebar. In the example below, that is all /guide pages.

  - text: Guide
    href: /guide
      - text: Getting Started
          - text: Quickstart
            href: /guide/quickstart
          - text: Install
            href: /guide/install
          - text: Markdown
            href: /guide/markdown
          - text: Menus
            href: /guide/menus
          - text: Sidebars
            href: /guide/sidebars
          - text: Blogging
            href: /guide/blogging
          - text: Build & Deploy
            href: /guide/build-and-deploy
          - text: Built-in Layouts
            href: /guide/built-in-layouts
      - text: Customization
          - text: Custom components
            href: /guide/custom-components
          - text: Tailwind
            href: /guide/custom-tailwind
          - text: Static files
            href: /guide/static-files

On full-width displays, the sidebar is located next to the content.

On narrower displays, the sidebar will overlay the content, and has to be opened and closed using the sidebar open/close button on the right.

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